I’m George. I’m a Software Engineer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m currently a Director of Engineering at Netflix where I lead the teams that build and innovate on notifications experiences and frameworks. We are an experiment driven product development team and we learn primarily through running A/B Tests. You can find more about the team on the Messaging @ Netflix site.

I like talking to people about product development and messaging. A few of us messaging enthusiasts have started a blog focussed on all things notifications for which I serve as an editor. Hit us up on our team slack if you are interested in contributing. You can also contact me on LinkedIn. I’ve spoken at a few conferences.

I am an above average cook. I can make a pretty decent steak and I have a 51% success rate in making an omelet.

I am a backyard gardener and I plant a lot of tomatoes. So we eat a lot of pasta

I occasionally subject others to karaoke. My wife and kid bear the brunt of this.

I can play Blackbird on the guitar although I’m never satisfied with how well it sounds. This statement I fear will be true forever.

I’m not a web developer so this is Just Another WordPress Site